Guiding teams to deliver experiences which delight audiences and exceed business expectations.


My work spans the product design life-cycle from defining & creating strong conceptual foundations to pixel perfect delivery. I bring:

  • Deep empathy, insatiable curiosity, intellectual rigor and an enduring fascination for human motivation
  • Bias for action & rapid experimentation delivering just enough design to validate assumptions & get moving quickly, then quickly scaling to design excellence
  • Flexible collaborative style leading from behind, beside or in front according to project and team need

Design philosophy

I aspire to create products which are:

  • Simple easy and delightful to use
  • Authentic & impactful addressing a need and honestly solving it
  • Unobtrusive best design is invisible

Collaboration & Leadership

As a cross-functional collaborator, I forge and enjoy strong trusted relationships with my product triad. I am inclusive and believe that we are stronger collectively and work to ensure that whole team is invested and engaged. I’m a powerful influencer at all levels and passionate customer advocate.

As a manager,  I care personally about my team and bring fun, social warmth and community to a group along with a strong sense of when to guide, coach or lead. As a design lead, I understand when to balance individuals growth opportunities with project delivery needs.


I am passionate about harnessing technology to radically enhance and enable human experience and am drawn to high priority arenas such as health, citizenship and wealth and take great satisfaction in bringing simplicity, ease and delight to complex domains.

Outside of work I am an active sailor and love getting out in the brisk breezes of the beautiful San Francisco Bay.


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